Samurai, weapon stand

Let it shine


A well designed weapon stand that lets your blade be the center of attention.


Natural and Natural

Oak wood is beautiful when finished by only waxing. It is enough to avoid staining and not let dust stick to the surface. And ebonizing is a chemical process that activates the tannins in oak causing the color to darken radically until it is almost black.

Both finishes are ancient and traditional techniques that let us enjoy it... "au naturel".


Classic and portable design

A traditional form that is easy to set up and move anywhere but still stable and stiff enough for permanent exhibition.


Traditional detail

In our own daily life we find many dojos where only wooden weapons are used. By adding a traditional knotting taken from the"sageo" found in most Japanese swords, we get to remind ourselves of the original sharp steel blades as a symbol of the "martial" part of keiko. You can also have it without the knotting.

MaterialsEuropean grown Oak wood / Cotton cloth tape
Size (cm)40 x21 x 7
IncludedSageo type cotton knotting
Not IncludedWeapons
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  • Samurai, weapon stand

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    There are only 3 parts that, when joined together, make for a very stable stand.