Inspired by the seven Virtues of Bushido. This set of 7 candle-holders will light your way.

50 years under the rain

The top face on all the holders features the natural texture of chestnut wood. We take advantage of the structural difference between Summer and Winter growth rings so that we can brush out the ones and leave the other. We've managed to get a similar result to the natural erosion on chestnut wood when left outside for a long time.


Buried for 100 years

Ebonizing is an ancient technique that uses the high tannin content in chestnut wood to get a dark, almost black, color that is deep and natural looking. It is a chemical process that happens naturally in some wood species when they start to fossilize under the mossy wetlands of the bogs.


It's own Furoshiki

We've let ourselves be inspired by the natural beauty of the set and decided that it deserved it's own Furoshiki cloth. The printed design was made using pieces of wood, textured in the same manner as the holders, as natural stamps.


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Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for finishing and preparation before we can ship this product. If you want to offer it as a gift, and you think it will not make it in time, consider having us send a card like this one.

  • MaterialsEuropean grown Chestnut
    Size (cm)10 x 10 x 10
    Included7 tea candles / Furoshiki cloth / Wooden box packaging.
    Keep in MindThis product is made from natural materials, and you can expect a variation in color and wood grain.

    Play with it:

    Make a cube out of the 7 holders and use the cloth as wrapping. There are hundreds of nice ways of tying a furoshiki cloth.