Blanks for making your own Nafuda.

Use our downloadable templates and easily transfer them to these wooden tablets or, if you prefer, use oil or acrylic paint to handwrite the Kanji.

These are made to fit in our Nafudakake and come pre-finished, on one side, for a finer result.

making nafuda from blanks, and templates, at the workshop
making nafuda from blanks, and templates, at the workshop
making nafuda from blanks, and templates, at the workshop
making nafuda from blanks, and templates, at the workshop

Each row of our nafudakake fits 20 nafuda which is why we sell these blanks in packages.
So each cart unit = 20 blanks + 2 extra courtesy blanks, for making mistakes.


Volume discounts
QuantityPriceYou Save
3 $21.80 $5.30
6 $20.03 $21.21

We will make this product to order. It can take from 4 to 8 weeks until we can have it finished and ready to ship. If you want to offer it as a gift, and you think it will not make it in time, consider having us send a card like this one.

  • MaterialsEuropean grown Chestnut
    Nafuda blank size (cm)14,8 x 4,6 x 0,5
    Not Includedtransfer liquid/medium



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      NAFUDA blanks

      NAFUDA blanks

      How to make your Nafuda:

      We've looked for a method you can use to easily make good-looking nafuda, with the grades and names of all the people in your Dojo. If you still prefer to use traditional calligraphy, our advice is that you use some thick paint like oil or acrylics but never a liquid paint (ink), because of the natural pores in the wood.

      To make it even easier for you, we've made 2 templates, for grades and names, to download and modify to your needs. You'll find them at the bottom of this page, and you can go to a website like this one to translate occidental names to Japanese phonetical writing.

      You will need some form of transfer medium. There are many brands available and you will probably find something at your arts&crafts store. To get the best results, please follow the manufacturer's instructions on the label.


      Download the Templates

      You'll find a complete set of instructions, included with our downloadable templates, at the bottom of this page.

      Templates to make Nafuda

      Editable templates for belts/ranks and names, with a set of instructions, to make your own Nafuda.

      Download (779.34k)

      Previous Version (obsolete)

      The previous version of the templates, before June 2019.

      Download (1.21M)