Small Table

Even better

Banqueta de meditación LHASA

Use it as the perfect companion to your meditation practice. Or just as a decoration aid, for creating a small tabletop altar, or exhibit something more delicate.


A helping hand

With this small table you'll be able to organize all your meditation accessories and use them without changing your posture too much and lose interrupt your breathing cycle. It is ideal as a companion to our meditation stools.


Functional and Versatile

It is easily disassembled so you'll be able to take it with you to a retreat or on vacation. It has the same magnetic system as our meditation stools, so that you can move it around without a problem.


Natural Beauty

Oak wood is hardwearing and makes for a very durable design. The waxed finish lets you enjoy the natural touch of the wooden surface while it still protects it against staining and keeps dust from grabbing.

MaterialsWhite Oak wood
Size (cm)62 x 16 x 20
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  • Small Table

    €99,50 Tax included

    Made to order. Time until shipping: 4 to 8 weeks.

    Late for the party? We have the solution: If you want to offer it as a gift and you think it will not make it on time for the big day, we will send you something to take with you and not turn up empty handed.


    It is as simple as assembling our meditation stools, it will take no time at all, and you'll have a bit of extra comfort.