Our wall mounted weapon stands adapt to any space and kind of martial training weapons. Each stand will require at least 2 units that are sold separately so you can build your own custom configuration. This way you can occupy the available wall-space more efficiently, or even keep weapons of different lengths in one place.

We make them out of solid chestnut wood, and the traditional "dragon's claw" profile is designed for ease of use, safety (they won't fall out when bumped), and to avoid marring the weapons when placing them on or off the stands. The rebate in the back lets them hold on to even the most irregular of wall surfaces.



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We will make this product to order. It can take from 4 to 8 weeks until we can have it finished and ready to ship. If you want to offer it as a gift, and you think it will not make it in time, consider having us send a card like this one.

  • MaterialsEuropean grown Chestnut
    Size (cm)Thickness: 2cm // Width - N/XL: 9cm / D: 9,7cm
    Length (cm)N3/XL3: 35cm / N6: 68cm / N9: 101cm / N12: 134cm // D5: 68cm / D8: 105cm / D10: 132cm
    CapacityCutout bottom width/diameter - N/D: 3cm / XL: 3.5cm
    Not IncludedScrews or wall plugs for wall mounting
    Ideal forKatana, Bokken o Bokuto, Bō, Jō (JIo), Subori bokken, Wakizashi o Kodachi, Tanto, Iaito, Shinai, Tachi and Naginata.



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      Just perfect

      Just wonderful handmade stands. So well made. You can see and feel the passion from Helder and Almudena. Very solid. Easy to put on the wall. Fantastic looking with the weapons on it. We just love it. Our aikido sensei was also very impressed. The weapons fit perfect in and are safe on the wall. The Communication with Helder was easy, fast and always so nice. Love the little product Card as well, shipped in a little beautiful wooden box. Just can highly recommend daikukai.

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        KATANAKAKE wall mounted stands

        KATANAKAKE wall mounted stands

        3 types of cut-out

        "N" - Normal: will fit one regular sized (thickness-wise) weapon per cut-out.
        "D" - Double: fits two regular sized weapons per cut-out.
        "XL" - Extra Large: for thicker than normal weapons (more than 30mm) like some Naginata and Bo.


        Mounting on the wall:

        The stands are installed with regular counter-sunk head screws / length 10cm / Thickness 6mm.
        Our preferred mounting distances are, for each weapon type, between stands:
        Bokken, Jo, Iaito: 52cm // Bo, Naginata (180cm length): 92cm // Tanto: 18cm


        Let us help

        We can help you design your own configuration, adapted to the kind of weapons and wall space available, just write us an email.