Our Kamiza is built, using traditional joinery, in solid chestnut wood. Because it is easily assembled, and can be stand by its own, you can take it with you to Seminars and Exhibitions. At the Dojo it can be mounted on a wall (our preferred option), so to not occupy floor space or step on a tatami, or stand on the floor.

We've designed a picture frame, that can hang from the Kamiza, to use with a calligraphy or picture of Sensei.

We can make it with 2 finishes: natural and ebonized.

Harmony in every detail.

A well proportioned design with ideal size in case you don't have a lot of space available for the Shomen area.


Valuable heritage

Its' structural design is based on traditional Japanese carpentry techniques. You'll enjoy how everything comes together with only wooden joints, just as in ancient wooden temples.


Pieces that come together.

Because of the traditional design it is posible to assemble and disassemble as many times you need. That makes it useful for using it in seminars or exhibitions. You'll enjoy setting it up every time... and everyone will get to enjoy it wherever you take it.


Extra features, for Seminars

Any of our kamiza can be disassembled easily and moved to other locations for Seminars, but we have added an option that includes some features that will make it easier to take it anywhere with you:

. reinforced transportation box with rounded corners so to not damage the interior of a small car + cloth tape to tie it closed.

. wooden "feet" with locking pins, for free-standing in large spaces where it won't be against a wall.

. two small wooden boxes, that fit the kamiza base inside its box, to keep all the small parts and reduce risk of losing them.

assembling our kamiza at an aikido seminar
assembling our kamiza at an aikido seminar
assembling our kamiza at an aikido seminar
assembling our kamiza at an aikido seminar


Japanese style wall structure with shelve, for the Shomen
(natural oil finish, or ebonized finish)


We will make this product to order. It can take from 4 to 8 weeks until we can have it finished and ready to ship. If you want to offer it as a gift, and you think it will not make it in time, consider having us send a card like this one.

  • MaterialsEuropean grown Chestnut / Cotton cloth tape
    Size (cm)212 x 165 x 24
    IncludedHardware to mount on a wall
    Keep in MindThis product is made from natural materials, and you can expect a variation in color and wood grain.



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      KAMIZA for the Dojo Shomen

      KAMIZA for the Dojo Shomen


      Assembling this Kamiza is an insightful experience that will let you learn about traditional joining techniques.