Inari, kamidana

One step


A Temple is built one piece at a time. A path is made one step at a time.


Traditional Modern

Our Kamidana are different. We've parted from the traditional aesthetics and achieved a simpler design. A bit more modern... more Zen. The structural design, however, is certainly closer to tradition than usual. We've stolen details from large Japanese carpentry structures that have survived the ages because of the way they were built. You'll enjoy these kamidana even more, knowing how every piece goes together in an almost magical fashion.


Parts that come together

Each element of our kamidana is needed for the whole to stay together. There is no ornament, only the absolute essential for the structure to hold. When assembling any of them you'll get to enjoy the beauty of having nothing superfluous. The power of simplicity.


Natural Quality

Oak wood is dense and resistant which makes it ideal for making joinery in small parts. The waxed finish lets you enjoy the natural touch of the wooden surfaces while it still protects it against staining and keeps dust from grabbing.

Functional Design

All our designs integrate the shelve into the structure, so that they can be independent and shine on their own. They sport a mounting system that is invisible when up on a wall... so that nothing will break the Zen of these kamidana.

MaterialsJapanese Shojii paper / 100% Cotton cord / White Oak wood
Size (cm)94 x 36 x 18
Ofuda - maximum height27 cm
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  • Inari, kamidana

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    Late for the party? We have the solution: If you want to offer it as a gift and you think it will not make it on time for the big day, we will send you something to take with you and not turn up empty handed.


    All our Kamidana are delivered disassembled and will require you to follow a set of assembly instructions provided (we promise you’ll have fun doing it).