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Gift Card

Give someone a set amount so they can get whatever they want.


You'll be able to write your own message that we'll put in the card, and we'll also write her name on the box label and the gift-wrapping.

Virtual Card

Sent by Email.


We'll send you the personalized card, bearing your message and the gift code, so you can print it and give in person.


Or we'll send a custom email to whoever you like us to, with the same printable card.

Actual Card

A gift-wrapped card-in-a-box sent by ordinary mail.


To wherever you'd like us to. You only pay for the shipping costs.

We'll send you a thick paper card with your message printed on it. It goes inside a wooden box with her name on the label, and on the exterior gift-wrapping paper.


You'll be able to easily set the shipping address, during the checkout process, and review the shipping costs before the payment step.

Not what you need?

If you'd like to order one of our products as a gift for someone, but our shipping time is too far away for you to get it before the party, you'll maybe interested in our Product Card.

A good idea for both of you.

We've really thought out what would make a Gift Card such a good option... for you and the person you give it too. You'll realize it is two gifts in one.


Terms and conditions of Gift and Product Cards.

It adapts to your needs.You can make it whatever kind of gift you want, by choosing the tone of your message, and the amount you consider is right for the occasion.
It's still a surprise!Is it meant for someone that is far away from you? We'll send it on your behalf. Since the box is gift-wrapped she'll be able to hold on to it until the moment is appropriate... or will she...
Easy. Because it makes sense.The "gift" part is actually a simple code. You can use it in several orders until the total amount is spent, or as part of the payment of a bigger order. Furthermore, if you have more than one card, you can use them at the same time.
No lions.You won't be enrolling someone with the Roman Circus. If she has any doubts or questions we'll answer them ourselves. You're also giving someone a good customer service. Do you have any doubts of your own? Send us an email ;-)
A timely decision.We work in a way that requires some time to finish our products, and sometimes it will be imposible for us to deliver your order in time for the occasion. We can send you the Gift Card (or Product Card) the very next day that you order, so it will be in your hands as fast as can be (Spain: 1 to 2 days // EU: 3 to 5 days).
... or one made just in time.If you get yourself in a bit of a pickle, and time is running out quickly, go for the Virtual Gift Card. Fast as lightning (or cable really)...
It doesn't end.The code you give doesn't lose validity with time, so there's no danger of taking too long to use it. Also it's the perfect thing for someone in a moment of change... maybe decorating a new home, or a new Dojo. They'll be able to use it when the time is right for them.
It gets even better.We're designing new products for 2018. So during the next year you'll find more of our designs for decor, meditation, and dojo. As you say... "good things come to those who wait."

Tell us how you want yours:

Save your customization BEFORE clicking "Add to Cart" (you will lose your changes).



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Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for finishing and preparation before we can ship this product. If you want to offer it as a gift, and you think it will not make it in time, consider having us send a card like this one.

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      Gift Card

      Gift Card

      You have a gift card? Congratulations!

      To use it just add nice things to your cart and you'll be able to insert your code in the "Voucher / Coupon / GiftCard" field.

      If you've misplaced your gift code please get in touch with the person that gave it to you so they can send us an email. We'll send them a new one and, for security reasons, delete the old one.