Product Card

Product Card

You'll be able to give this beautifully presented card, bearing your personal message, while we're working on the real gift.


We don't make things fast... but we do make them well. That is why, after placing your order, you'll have to wait a few weeks until it gets to you. But we know that, at times, this means it'll be too late. Which is why we wanted to offer you something better... and what is better than one present? How about two ;-)

What is this?

When you place your order (and it is meant as a gift) add this Product Card to the cart (remember to fill in the text first). We'll know to send you the card quickly, so you can relax until the big day.

Virtual Card

Sent by Email.


We'll send you the personalized card, bearing your message and the gift code, so you can print it and give in person.


Or we'll send a custom email to whoever you like us to, with the same printable card.

Actual Card

A gift-wrapped card-in-a-box sent by ordinary mail.


To wherever you'd like us to. Without paying for extra shipping costs (only inside the EU). It'll go inside a wooden box with her name on the label, and on the gift-wrapping paper.

You'll be able to easily set the shipping address during the checkout process, and review the shipping costs, before the payment step. Remember that we'll only send the Product Card if you are ordering one of our products, at the same time, as a gift. We'll ship it to the same address as for the Card, when it is finished.

You have Options!

If you're not sure on what to give as a present, just let her get what she likes. For that purpose we have also made available our Gift Card.

The complete experience.

We've really put our minds to work on something that will serve as a nice gift, and that is the start of a good experience, that will keep on after the real one arrives.


Terms and conditions of Gift and Product Cards.

It adapts to you.You can make it the kind of gift you need... your message sets the tone but the whole object helps to give meaning to the moment.
It makes everything more interesting.Our work will always make you wait a little bit. What is best than waiting with good expectations? She'll have in her hands the perfect introduction to something that is being made with real care.
No explaining to do.In the same card we'll tell her about the gift we're making and the reason for the card itself (that we are sloooooow). It comes together with a small leaflet about us and our work... a nice "amuse-bouche" while she waits.
It's the fastest.We can send you the Product Card (or any Gift Card) the very next day that you order, so it will be in your hands as fast as can be (Spain: 1 to 2 days / EU: 3 to 5 days).
... even when it seems too late.If you get yourself in a bit of a pickle, and time is running out quickly, go for the Virtual Gift Card. Fast as lightning (or cable really)...
It keeps the surprise!Is it meant for someone that is far away from you? We'll send it on your behalf. Since the box is gift-wrapped she'll be able to hold on to it until the moment is appropriate... or will she...

Tell us how you want yours:

Save your customization BEFORE clicking "Add to Cart" (you will lose your changes).



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Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for finishing and preparation before we can ship this product. If you want to offer it as a gift, and you think it will not make it in time, consider having us send a card like this one.

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      Product Card

      Product Card

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