We build the school together.


A place to honor the teachers and students alike. A traditional source of inspiration.


Natural and Natural

Oak wood is beautiful when finished by only waxing. It is enough to avoid staining and not let dust stick to the surface. And ebonizing is a chemical process that activates the tannins in oak causing the color to darken radically until it is almost black.

Both finishes are ancient and traditional techniques that let us enjoy it... "au naturel".


It will grow with you.

We've designed it to be practical in any kind of Dojo, specially if there are different martial arts being practiced in the same space. You can start with only one kake and later add more. They will always look good because the design is thought out to be paired both vertically and horizontally. And what about one for Dan grades and another for Kyu?


No shortcuts

We think even the simplest of objects can be well designed. You'll get it disassembled and find out by yourself how anything can be a work of craftsmanship.


Samurai inspiration

Traditional samurai armor makes good use of knotting to connect the stiff bamboo pieces to achieve a protective structure that would adapt to movement in battle. A clear case of unity making strength.

Materials100% Cotton ribbon / White Oak wood
Size (cm)100 x 50 x 5
Size Nafuda (cm)14,7 x 4,8 x 0,5
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  • Nafudakake

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    Made to order. Time until shipping: 4 to 8 weeks.

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    Late for the party? We have the solution: If you want to offer it as a gift and you think it will not make it on time for the big day, we will send you something to take with you and not turn up empty handed.

    You can make your own nafuda

    We present you with a simple method for transferring printed pictures on wood for the names and grades of all the people in your Dojo.

    For more information see Nafuda's file.


    We deliver it disassembled. You'll see that assembling it will be an easy and enjoyable task that is a bit like a ritual.