Our Work Methods


Machines are really most helpful for the toughest work: sawing and milling. But it is the human the one that controls the final result.

Knowledge and experience are the main tools for making objects that let the natural beauty of the wood show. We believe that the quality of our work depends on our ability to learn and improve every day. And understand how no one is truly alone in becoming a craftsman.

We are nothing more than the sum of the work that former generations have dedicated to master their Craft.


We like simple because it is intuitive.

We have plenty ideas but we throw away most of them. We believe that everything must have a why and how, so we add or take to a design, a little at a time, until only the essential remains.

That is why some of our objects have taken years of evolution.

And we know that, if we truly wish to be proud of the result, the best way is to just ask, and really listen.

daikukai handtools

Traditional Joinery

From great structures to tiny wooden objects, joinery is the practical, safe and elegant solution.

We've found out learnt that there are so many traditional ways to join wooden elements, that let us create objects that are interesting, portable an refined. New solutions to old problems? We don't think so :-P

Also, you win... not only you get to have our bigger designs sent more easily, we've managed to find more interesting way to assemble them so that you get to enjoy the magic of well done joinery.

Hand Tools

Working with wood is a simple thing, you just cut and remove the extra material until you get the shape you want.

Hand tools are efficient, enjoyable and make hardly any noise. Using them makes us more knowledgeable about the wood you're working on.

They are so versatile and functional that they haven't changed at all in centuries... what also didn't change is the material they are made to work on, or how the hands and body of the craftsman that is using them work.

daikukai natural materials

Natural Materials

We use cotton, paper, leather, and of course solid wood. We look for how different cultures have been using them and put our own ideas in the mix.

These materials are a joy to work with because they make for all sorts of textures and surfaces. And they also can be relied on to look even better when old, so we know that our objects will always improve over time.

When you're working with so many beautiful possibilities, you find that time flies and creativity soars.


We exclusively use waxing. A thin layer of wax is enough to avoid grease and oil stains, and not let dust to stick to the surface of the wood.

Just enough, so you can still enjoy the wonderful touch of solid wood and its multilayered organic beauty.

Ebonizing is an interesting natural process. We take advantage of the high tannic content in Chestnut by using a vinegar and iron secret mix. When you wet the wood in this liquid, the chemical reaction activates the tannins and the color of the wood changes completely in just a matter of seconds.

The final color is actually the same as if the same piece of wood had been buried in a swamp for years.

As you can see, we practice our work as any other Keiko.