In this section you will find questions that we all ask when we buy online. If you can not find an answer to your question write us an email, you can also contact us at Customer Service.

We will solve your doubt as soon as possible. Tell us. We are all ears.

About Orders

I live outside of Spain. Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Contact us if you have not been able to place your order from the country where you live.

I am not clear about the purchase process. How do I place an order?

Browse our website Look carefully at all the objects and specifications.

  • Select number of units.

  • Add to the Cart all the objects you want to buy.

  • Click on Place order.

  • Review the summary of your order.

  • Fill in the Data Fields and Shipping Address.

  • Confirm the shipping method.

  • Choose Payment method.

  • Click on Buy.

  • Our web redirects to *PayPal so you can make a secure payment.

  • You will receive an email with the receipt and order confirmation.

  • It only remains to wait for the arrival of your package at home.

* PayPal supports payments by `Bank Card' or through your `PayPal Account '

How can I make sure that I have made my purchase correctly?

Once the purchase process is completed, either through your "PayPal account" or by credit / debit card "PayPal Standard" (no need to have an account), you will receive an email in a few minutes with the receipt and confirmation of the order.

   There is no trace of the confirmation email:

Sometimes the confirmation email is found in unwanted emails.

Check it out and if so, add our address to your contacts. From that moment, all our emails will arrive in your inbox.

   Make sure that the purchase process has been completed correctly or completely.

I'm sure, I've done well!

Write us an email and inform us of the matter. We will personally assist you so that you can make the purchase successfully.

I'm looking forward to it. How long will my order take?

As we are artisans we work in very small limited series and the waiting time depends on the quantity of orders we have at that moment. In each product file you will find the preparation time before sending:

  • Products available: from 1 to 2 weeks

  • Custom made products: from 4 to 8 weeks

  • Customized products: once we have your design approval, we will tell you how much time we need to place your order.

The delivery date will depend on the country and place where you are.

* More information in `Terms and Conditions of Sale'

I want to make a gift but it will not arrive on time. Could you advance my order?

No but we have 2 solutions and also, they are free:

  • Product Card: if you know exactly what you want to give away.

  • Gift Card: a good option if you do not know exactly what you need.

* More information in `Terms and Conditions of Use Gift Cards and Product Cards'

I want to make a large order. Do you make special prices?

Yes. Special prices for special orders.

Whether you are a private individual or a store that wants to sell our products, please contact us by mail.

I placed an order but I thought about it better. Can I add, remove or cancel an order?

Yes. In any case you can write us an email and we will find the best solution. You can also do it yourself.

   To cancel an order or remove a product from the purchase that has not yet been shipped:

  • Access the "Order history and details" section of your account.

  • Select the order where the item you want to return is located.

  • Select the product Check the box next to the name.

  • Click on the "RMA Return Voucher" button. If you have filled out the application correctly, a notice will appear on your client page.

  • Now you just have to wait for the whole process to take place.

  • The reimbursement process can take several steps, which are indicated by the "RMA Status" on your client page:

  • Waiting confirmation.

  • Waiting for package.

  • Received packet.

  • Refund denied. (We will contact you)

  • Returned completed.

   To cancel an order or remove a product from a purchase that has already been sent. Write us an email to be on notice:

  • You can refuse a delivery. We will make a full refund.

  • You can return the products you do not want. You have 15 days to think about it from the delivery. We will make the corresponding refund for the returned product.

  • You can make a new order if you wish.

   To add a product to your purchase write us an email. Depending on the case we can:

  • avoid unnecessary shipping costs

  • benefit from volume discount offers

* More information in `Terms and Conditions of Sale´

My order arrived but it is damaged or wrong. What solution do you give me?

Write an email and explain what happened.

Each case is different, but do not worry, we will send you another one in perfect condition.

About Our Objects

I need assembly instructions. Where can I get them?

In the `tab of each product 'you will find the assembly video. In some cases, we also send more specific instructions to your email.

You can also find it on our YouTube Channel. Find your object and enjoy the process.

Do I need tools for assembly?

No. Handmade, assembled by hand.

* More information on `How We Work '

The object has been broken in the assembly. What should I do?

No problem. We will send you another one. If something has broken when trying to mount it, it is clear that we need to review the design or instructions.

Write us an email explaining what happened. We will bring back the object to study it.

You are the best Quality Control we have. This way you help us improve.

* More information in `Terms and Conditions of Sale´

Since they are handmade products, do they have a guarantee?

Yes. They have a 2 year warranty.

If the object is broken in that period, write us an email and attach the purchase receipt.

  • You can find it in the section My Account ➡ History of Orders and Details

It is possible that your object is no longer available. In this case, you will receive the most similar to your original one.

* More information in `Terms and Conditions of Sale'

Methods of Payment and Refunds

I want to buy What are the payment methods?

There are 2 secure e-commerce payment methods with PayPal:

  • Using your PayPal account

  • By credit or debit card "PayPal Standard" (no need to register as a PayPal customer).

* More information in `Pay with Security'

I live outside the European Union or in places exempt from VAT Do I have to pay the tax included in the price of each object?

No. In the final invoice, 21% VAT will be automatically eliminated (Value Added Tax) if you belong to places exempt from VAT.

The corresponding tax is settled at the place of destination by the recipient. Please inform yourself beforehand to avoid surprises.

* More information `Terms and Conditions of Sale´

I have a claim. Do you make any kind of refund?

Yes. In any case you have 15 days to think about it from the delivery. If the deadline has passed, contact us by mail as well.

* More information in `Terms and Conditions of Sale´

Another questions

I do not have time to read the Newsletter. Can I unsubscribe?

Yes, in each email there will be a link where you can do it in `I want to unsubscribe '.

Although if you want to continue receiving our News and Offers, add us to your contacts, so your email provider will know that we are not "Spam".

If you want to sign up and enjoy our company you can add your email address here.

* More information in `Privacy Policy-Data Protection'

I want to know more about you and your work. Where can I get information?

You can follow us on FacebookInstagram and YouTube. We make videos explaining our craft processes and you can follow our day to day to see the new designs we are working on.

If you have another question or suggestion write us an email.

My order has arrived and I love it. Where do I leave my opinion?

If the joy invades your body (or not) you can leave your opinion in any of our Social Networks.

FacebookInstagram and YouTube.


  • With your opinions, you are part of our Quality Control team and that helps us improve.

  • Help others make decisions. And there will be a better and bigger Daikukai Community.

  • With your opinion you make us happy :-)

Thank you for your visit.