We're Helder and Almudena

We make objects of traditional Japanese inspiration, some for Decoration, but most related to the practice of Martial Arts and Meditation.

Our goal is to help maintain the traditional touch in the Western Dojo, not only in aesthetics but also at the philosophical level. That is why some of our designs, such as nafudakake or kamidana, seek to maintain certain traditions that we believe make the Dojo a more dedicated place to Keiko.

Between the two we design and make all our products. From the cutting of rough wood, to final packaging. If you write us an email, to ask us about something or just say hello, you'll always be communicating directly with both of us.

We live in Güéjar Sierra.
A town located in the Sierra Nevada, in Granada (Spain). It's a place of great natural beauty known for its good weather, great food, and many Aikido Seminars ;-)

Who we are

A mini biography.

Daikukai helder

Helder is a designer and cabinetmaker.

He first studied Communication & Graphic Design. After dropping-out of the University, in search of a more tactile occupation, he had the opportunity to do a small training course in cabinetmaking. It was enough to fall in love with this trade, and only the first step in a long learning path.

In his opinion, designing with intimate knowledge of the raw material is synonymous with quality. This is how the Spanish Magazine "Nuevo Estilo" recounts it, in an article dedicated to his previous project.

His passion for Aikido inspired him to contribute to the martial community. Because Keiko is not only his passion, it is also his philosophy of life since he conceives work as a daily practice of personal growth.

Daikukai Almudena

Almudena  does a bit of everything.

She studied Jewelry and Goldsmithing, and since then, she has always maintained a close relationship with the Arts & Crafts world. For a time, she owned an import company, with which she gained experience in online commerce and customer service.

She's taken the reins of the brand image, and for this, has become an expert in product photography, video recording and editing, SEO, Social Networks, and more...

Still, she enjoys being at the workshop the most, finishing and making the final details of each product, and returning to her artisan roots.