Fabrication Schedule

(last updated on March 13, 2024)


Products Scheduled for Fabrication Orders will be
accepted only
until around
February 5 Wall Mounted Katanakake (modular) Closed
February 15 Nafudakake & Nafuda Closed
March 1 Small KAMIZA
Picture frames (all sizes)
May 6 ITSUKUSHIMA and KURAMA kamidana no limit
May 13 Wall Mounted Katanakake (modular) Closed
May 27 Nafudakake & Nafuda Closed
October 1 Wall Mounted Katanakake (modular) September 15
October 15 Nafudakake & Nafuda October 1

About designs that we make to order:

You will find here mainly the fabrication dates for designs that we make only to order and keep no stock of, mostly because there are different sizes to choose from, like Nafudakake and Wall Mounted Katanakake.

About other designs:

We will occasionally state fabrication dates for designs that we make in small batches, if they are currently out of stock, so that you know when they will be available.

For more information please refer to each product page, or contact us via email.