Terms and Conditions of Use Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Daikukai gift cards do not expire. It can be issued for a minimum amount of € 25 and a maximum of € 300.

 The person who receives it can not increase or reduce the balance, change its value for money or request its return. The buyer of the gift card has the right to request its return as with any other product Daikukai Terms and Conditions of Use

 The purchase of the gift card does not involve extra expenses if the gift card is virtual, the PIN Code is delivered (downloadable and printable) via e-mail.

If the option chosen is physical support, there will be no extra costs if the shipment is within the European Union. Gift cards sent outside the European Union will only have the extra cost of shipping cost corresponding to the place of destination. The cost will depend on the city or country of the recipient.

 The discounts and / or promotional codes can not be used for the acquisition of the gift card. The use of two gift cards in the same purchase is permitted. The Card can be used in sales, promotions and special offers, except in cases where the use of another promotional code is necessary.

 The amount can be used in several purchases. If you do not use the total amount of the gift card in the purchase made, you can use it again in the next purchase until the balance is completely exhausted. If the purchase exceeds the available balance on the gift card, the difference will be paid through the accepted payment at www.daikukai.com

 The card can only be used in the online store www.daikukai.com by entering the PIN Code received at the end of the purchase, whether it is virtual or physical. The products purchased with the card are subject to the same exchange and refund policy as the other products purchased in the online store www.daikukai.com.

 The gift card is a means of payment to the bearer. If used improperly, lost or stolen and the card is used, it can not be blocked, nor can it be replaced or returned. The issuer declines any responsibility for the improper or fraudulent use of the gift cards. If the card is lost or stolen but notified before use, it can be blocked and replaced or returned.

The bearer of the gift card can check the balance in his client file, once registered and made the first purchase in www.daikukai.com

Product Cards

In order to acquire a product card it is essential to buy any product in www.daikukai.com, you only have to add the product card along with the product you want to buy to the shopping cart.

The product cards are free and have no extra costs if the shipment is within the European Union. Product cards shipped outside the European Union are free but have the shipping cost corresponding to the country of destination.

They have no economic or commercial value, they are only offered in a friendly way to our customers to compensate for our long delivery times.

Having a product card does not give any right to acquire that product per se, the products purchased (whether they include product card or not) are subject to the policy of changes and refunds, Terms and Conditions of Use: Privacy Policy and Data Protection, Terms and Conditions of Sale

Common terms and conditions of use

 Daikukai reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions of use of gift cards and / or product cards without retroactive effect for consumers who have purchased the gift card and / or product card prior to said modification. The terms and conditions of use of the gift card and applicable product cards will be those in force and provided in the pre-contractual information at the time of acquiring the gift card and / or product card. It will be considered that the commercial acquisition occurs on the date of receipt of the order confirmation email.

The treatment of personal data offered by the client is specified in the information provided in the section Terms and Conditions of Use: Privacy Policy and Data Protection

The ownership of the gift cards and product cards is Helder Santos Rosa Caetano (Daikukai) with NIF: X5170025Q and fiscal address at Camino de los Prados nº11, 18160, Güejar Sierra, province of Granada (Spain) and is established as contact the email address info@daikukai.com

These General Conditions are governed by Spanish law.