About us

Helder de daikukai

Helder is a designer and craftsman. Two fields of knowledge that share a common ground and when joined together mean quality work. This is how the Spanish home-decor magazine tells it in this article dedicated to his previous body of work as a cabinetmaker.

His passion for Aikido inspired him to ask himself how could his knowledge help the martial community. Keiko is not only his passion but a life philosophy in that he views work as a way to better oneself daily. Above all, he does it in a very good mood, and that's something you can tell by the results.

fotos de Helder

Almudena de daikukai

Almudena was the owner of an online import business and joined Daikukai to contribute her experience in online commerce and customer support. She studied Jewelry and she has always had a close relationship with the handmade world.

At the workshop she is looking for the most creative ways to use different natural materials and, step by step, is becoming an expert in knots, origami, and product presentation.

fotos de Almudena

Eusebio de daikukai

Eusebio studied Carpentry but wanted to learn a kind of more refined woodworking. He found out that, apart from woodworking techniques, in a Master-Apprentice relationship you get to learn some values and lots of work philosophy. Now he's already turned himself into an efficient pair of hands and on his way to becoming a master craftsman.

He dove head first into this new adventure not just by chance since he's been involved with different martial arts before. He's presently another Aikidoka in our midst.

fotos de Eusebio

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